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finally seeing Jeff Goldlum episodes [May. 26th, 2012|01:16 pm]
L&O: Criminal Intent Fans


Like many viewers, I've seen far more CI episodes in syndication over the past couple of years than while it was in its prime. Lately, I'm really enjoying the later seasons that brought in Jeff Goldblum as Detective Nichols, providing a certain nerdy edge to one's notion of what a major case officer can be like. These episodes from the last season seem to be showing up on WGN, the Chicago super station that's among the four or five cable sources that enable one to find at least one episode of a Law & Order franchise showing at almost any time of the day or night, 24/7.

[User Picture]From: ladyjudithanne
2012-05-26 05:49 pm (UTC)
For me the back story of his life began to take over the show and spoilt it for me.
The EP. when he helps his nephew and goes undercover in the jail only telling Eames I could gladly throw away. It was daft.
Yes Nicole was good.
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